A memoir of a PR and Advertising Consultant, her relationship with a singer and the impact this relationship had on her life over a quarter of a century. It follows his various trials and tribulations which lead to their separation and to her first marriage, birth of her son and subsequent divorce. Difficulties presented by a business partner too fond of alcohol. Later she was reunited with the singer who still had a somewhat chaotic lifestyle including brushes with the law; in addition to her advertising work setting up a music company and their continued relationship until his illness. Maureen Wingham trained in dance and drama before working in public relations and advertising.
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“A marriage made in heaven”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Julie Fitzgerald

I am giving this book 5stars; I was hooked – it was a most enjoyable read. It was an honest account of a woman sharing her memories, which at times must have been so painful, but with flashes of humour and references to happy times. The background of the 60s was revealing and throughout the writer came across as strong yet vulnerable.

About the Author

Maureen Wingham was born in London and lived and worked there for most of her life moving to Suffolk a few years ago.

She has worked in advertising and public relations, forming her own consultancy and media representation company, then with her late husband formed a music company for his work.

She studied dance and drama and originally planned to follow her grandmother, Madge Christo, into the theatre but whilst working for a temp agency found herself in advertising and decided to continue in the industry.

An animal lover she has owned cats most of her life but presently has a young Golden Retriever.

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