A Message from Hell

by – Charles A Rhodus (Author)

A Fictitious Plea of a Man in Hell

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Book Description:

The teaching of Hell today is almost non-existent. The Bible says much about Hell. Matter of fact it refers to Hell much more than it does Heaven. If you do not believe in Hell as a place of forever punishment of the sinner, you no doubt do not believe in Heaven either. Christians of today have overdosed on the love of God, so much so that, many believe that a just and loving God will not do what He said about an eternity of fiery torment. I believe in Hell because the Bible tells us about it. I believe in it because Jesus taught much about it.

In this writing, I do my best to make Hell and its torments as real as possible, using the Bible and my own imagination. It is a story of a fictitious man crying out in torment, warning the sinner and ungodly to turn toward God in full repentance. I strive to show how this lost soul experiences Hell with all five senses. This suffering man compels the unsaved and hypocrite to repent and be saved. As the Bible says. “others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire.” That is what this book could be used for. For a few, it may be what they need to read to see what eternity will be like without God.

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Reviews for the Book

What a sobering and eye opening glimpse of what hell may be like. So many speak of heaven, but too often he’ll is overlooked or glossed over. Too many of us coast along thinking we’re heaven bound, but we need to remember that many “good” people are spending eternity in hell because they took heaven for granted. 
- Jennifer Mendyka

About the Author: Charles A Rhodus

We are glad to introduce to you, Charles A. Rhodus. In 1980 he was born again as the Bible teaches in St. John. He has been preaching and teaching in Word and Spirit since 1985. He is a strong advocate of the training of Christians to be true disciples of Christ.

Now over 40 years later he is still studying the world’s best seller the Bible! In his teaching and preaching, you will find his central theme is the subject of faith. Signs, miracles and, wonders do follow his ministry. Many have been healed and delivered by God‘s great Grace.

Charles is married to a wonderful Christian lady, Tammy Rhodus. They make their home in northwest Indiana.

We hope his books inspire and bless you! Feel free to follow him on Facebook.

May God bless you!

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