A Mother’s Courage: Saving Your Children from the Trauma of Abuse in the Home by Suzy Milhoan

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Book Description

Over 1 Billion children are affected by domestic abuse in the home worldwide now or in their past.

. Do you want to understand the feelings and long-term effects children have from seeing ongoing violence at home?
. Are you curious what psychological issues children experience because of this?
. Do you wish to learn the Top 6 Reasons to Get YOUR CHILDREN OUT NOW?
. Did you grow up watching your mother being abused?
. Do you have a friend or family member dealing with this issue or do you work with battered women?

If you said YES to any of these questions then you need, “A Mother’s Courage: Saving Your Children from the Trauma of Abuse in the Home!”

This informative self-help book will educate you on the trauma children suffer when they are forced to watch their mother being abused. This applies to any abuse: physical, mental, emotional, or financial.

Five siblings recount their trauma and explain the negative impacts childhood domestic violence (CDV)had on them as children and now as adults. They wish they could have discussed this with others, but were forced to keep the secret – until now!

It is understandable that as an abused mother you have many worries and are scared. You wonder how you will supply your children’s basic needs—food, shelter, clothing, etc. Social services in your local city can help with these issues. Although valid and worrisome, they will cause far less damage to your children than domestic violence will do to them over their lifetime.

This book differs from other self-help books on this topic because it illustrates the effects of domestic violence on children based on real-life examples. “A Mother’s Courage: Saving Your Children from the Trauma of Abuse in the Home” is powerful and rare. It is written in layman’s terms using first-person narrative by the most fragile witnesses of the abuse—the children.

A Mother’s Courage: Saving Your Children from the Trauma of Abuse in the Home,” provides you the:

negative thoughts and feelings children experience growing up with CDV

psychological issues that may develop in children when forced to live in an abusive home


Read this book and join the #nomore, #cdv, or #dv movements to end violence in our world!

If you are afraid to get this book with this title and cover page because your abuser will see it, please email me at suzymilhoan@suzymilhoan.com. I will send you instructions on how to do that. Your safety is important!

If you can’t get out yet, please communicate with your children or seek counseling for them.

Your Children DESERVE A BETTER LIFE and so do YOU!

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Moving and beautifully written!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Gladys Nieves

What a moving story! After reading this book you will never see domestic violence the same way. We tend to focus on the dangers for the adult victim and seldom understand the terrible consequences that the innocent children bear. This book is honest and beautifully written. I especially liked the insights included by the different members of the family. The book is also a testimony that you can overcome trauma, that you do not have to remain a victim forever. Kudos to Milhoan!

About the Author

Suzy is living proof that trauma can have positive outcomes if given enough time.

As a teenager she fought her way back from near-death when she suffered from toxemia in pregnancy. She is a child abuse survivor, lost her father to ALS, her spouse passed away from colon cancer and her brother Mike committed suicide.

Suzy has not allowed these setbacks to define her. She feels this time given to her by God is best spent using her skills, experience, and knowledge to help others.

Her work includes:
• “A Mother’s Courage: Saving Your Children from the Trauma of Abuse in the Home.”
• Author of short-story and two letters published in “Letters to Loved Ones: Remembrances of those we have lost.”
• “Where’s My Family?”
• “The Healing Game: A Story of Loss and Renewal.”

Suzy also contributes short stories and poetry to several local magazines.

She is a volunteer online mentor for Focus on the Family where she counsels women and men across the United States on many key life issues. (child abuse, pro-life issues, parenting, domestic violence, blended families and many more)

Suzy trains on how to “Journal thru Grief” at Indiana libraries and other venues on.

She lives in Indiana with her husband, Merle. Together, they have eight children and fourteen grandchildren. Her greatest enjoyment in life is family, friends, golf, tennis and listening to live music.

Find out more at suzymilhoan.com

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