A New Way

by – Gary B. Eby (Author)

Spiritual Healing of Chronic Conditions

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Book Description:

I am a retired social worker, mental health counselor, addiction therapist, active musician and author of two spiritual self-help books: “Challenge Your Dark Secret” and “Reflections: A Journey to God.”

Reviews for the Book

I am not usually a person who reads self-help books, but I enjoyed episode one. practicing ways to limit negativity is amazing advice. Proverbs 23 tells us "As a man thinketh in his heart so he is." Discovering ways to control push back against the ever-growing negativity we are faced with every day is a critical asset to develop.
The emotional recovery system are useful procedures that are very similar those I use to help my autistic son to calm down. Taking a moment to settle your mind and recenter can make all the difference. Positively talking to yourself can help to remind yourself that darkness is not permanent. The night will end even if it does not feel like it in the moment. Finally reaching out. It is important to surround yourself with connections. More than that the right kind of connections. There are people who love you. find them and build a circle around you with them.
The personal stories helped to build a path where you could visualize it in your own life. Giving you a pathway to remember similar situations that may have occurred in your own life. The dreams description gives you an opportunity to evaluate his thought process in that moment and perhaps an invitation to re-examine some of your own dreams to search for meaning.
Finally, the ending of surrender. When all is said and done it is important to let things go. Take a breath, push it out, and focus on what lays before you. Holding onto things from the past that we can no longer change can become a cancer to the soul. Surrender is the best thing you can do sometimes and that's ok. Sometimes the path of life will swing you back that way but if not don't focus on it. I took this section to summarize as open the doors that are in front of you. Wonderful first episode.    - 	Kindle Customer