A New Way

by – Gary Eby (Author)

 Spiritual Healing of Chronic Conditions

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Book Description:

Too many people are unable to make positive changes in their life. Read my story to challenge the dark secrets that hold us back so we can become all that we are meant to be. Together we can create a better life, a healthier nation, and a more compassionate world. If you like this sample of my powerful work about spirituality, purchase one chapter at a time by downloading tokens from Amazon. Or order my other books “Reflections: A Journey to God” and “Challenge Your Dark Secret.”

Reviews for the Book

The option to purchase chapters individually with Amazon tokens is a unique and convenient way to engage with this transformative work. Each chapter is a stepping stone towards personal growth. - Marilyn Loos
The author's message is clear - it's time to challenge the secrets that hold us back. This book inspires readers to embark on a journey toward a better life and a more compassionate world. - Richard Shade