A New Way

by – Gary B. Eby (Author)

 Spiritual Healing of Chronic Conditions

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Book Description:

I am a retired social worker, mental health counselor, addiction therapist, active musician and author of two spiritual self-help books: “Challenge Your Dark Secret” and “Reflections: A Journey to God.”

Reviews for the Book

The author Gary Eby shows in his book “A New Way: Spiritual Healing of Chronic Conditions” the role of the mind in healing an illness with the correct use of the mind.
There is nothing dull about this book, I personally enjoyed reading it. The book talks about how our minds can have a beneficial effect on how our bodies feel. The more I got into it the more I began to understand how our state of mind can affect how we feel. It also helps create the connection between mind and body. which shows how we make ourselves sick or bad by the way we think act and feel toward ourselves and others.
I think it is possible to move past ourselves, circumstance, and the people around us who make our lives harder. Life is all about accountability. This book is big on accountability.
This is a very easy book to understand and put to use. I recommend this as a helpful guide to heal yourself, or even just to get familiar with doing affirmations. We are all able to heal and change ourselves and this book is an easy reference for that.
The author who is also a mental health counsellor has a flawless positive style of writing and also kept talking about his personal experiences which is important to me whilst reading this type of books, highly recommend!
- Jihane kasbi

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