A Novel Murder

by – James P Hanley (Author)

Leading to a dramatic confrontation and the killer’s identity.

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Book Description:

Owen McIvey, a popular mystery novelist, organizes a guest-filled party at his house, but the evening ends with the murder of his attractive female assistant. While McIvey is initially the lead person of interest, other suspects emerge, including the author’s former male assistant and lover, an uninvited overnight guest, and individuals who are part of the victim’s background. Clues develop, including the murdered woman’s pubic hairs in McIvey’s bed despite his well-known homosexuality, a falsely-passed polygraph, the grift background of the victim, and a mysterious paperback book by a remote author with a puzzling connection to McIvey. The investigation team, a seasoned detective and an assigned policewoman aided reluctantly by the author’s agent, sort through the lives of all under suspicion and the potential motives for murder, leading to a dramatic confrontation and the killer’s identity.

About the Author: James P Hanley

Jim Hanley has had several careers: Naval officer, Human Resources director, adjunct professor, short story writer and novelist. He has written stories in different genres (literary, mystery, western and romance) which have appeared in over 90 print and online magazines.

In November 2014, Jim’s first novel (a western) was published by 5 Prince Publishing entitled The Calling. The sequel, An Ill Wind, was published in October 2015. The third and final in the series, The Train Robbers, was published in October 2016.

In June, 2017, Black Rose Writing published Jim’s mystery novel, Clues in the Lyrics.

In March, 2020, Encircle published the mystery Death of a Guitarist.

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