A Passion for Murder

by – Yolanda Renée (Author)

A Detective Quaid Mystery (Detective Quaid Series Book 6)

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Book Description:

Another heinous crime occurs in Alaska, and with no time to heal from the last brutal case of The Snowman, and Stowy Jenkins, Detective Quaid returns to his job. PTSD, a former lover, and an odious villain test his mettle and his sanity.

A cold pre-autumn rain fell in straight lines from the swollen gray clouds sitting over the valley. The residents of Anchorage thanked their personal deity an early snowstorm hadn’t fallen. While in one lone cabin, a fire burned bright. Warmth and coziness reflected off the colorful furnishings. The man working diligently at his desk hummed his favorite rhyme.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Grab a slut by the Toe
Blonde-Blue Brown, or Green,
Who’s ready to meet Killer Clean?

He chuckled as he turned the pages of a scrapbook.

Choosing from among his collection of beauties was as much fun as planning just how they would die. Although nothing could really compete with seeing them take their last breath. Except, of course, that final thrust of the knife. Still, today was a special day. Making his choice most important. He’d have to choose someone as close to the original as possible. Which meant it would be the beauty with the green eyes. Her golden hair, career choice, and availability hit all tens on his list of go points.
A perfect thirty meant she had to die today!

Reviews for the Book

Steven Quaid and his colleagues in the Anchorage Police Department's investigative unit are dealing with another serial killer. The media has called him Killer Clean, due to his routine of vicious rapes and murders, followed by using bleach to erase all traces of himself. A new FBI director has been assigned to the area, and he asked a psychologist/author named Alice Foxx to be a consultant on the case. At the same time, Steven was dealing with PTSD, because of a previous case. Frightening nightmares and assaults were negatively affecting his marriage to Sarah who also needed to care for their baby Tiama. A Passion for Murder: A Detective Quaid Mystery Book 6, penned by Yolanda Renee, is a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat read.One of the most unique aspects of this story is the information about the effects on rape victims, as well as specific facts about the incidence of rape in Alaska. Likewise, the psychological effects of earlier traumas on present traumatic events are portrayed well; how these affect love relationships is also interesting. How these facts are interwoven into the plot is inventive and flows smoothly. Like all good mysteries, vague clues are interspersed throughout the chapters; a mystery lover may have to speculate who the serial killer could be. Character development is well-formed, and every reader will be able to easily imagine the personality of each character. Author Yolanda Renee has ended this series of mystery books with a well-crafted story in A Passion for Murder. A captivating read from the first page to the last! readers favorite.com/book-review/a-passion-for-murder. - Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite

About the Author: Yolanda Renée

I’ve traveled the country, settled for a while in Alaska, but now call South Carolina home. All my experiences are reflected in my writing. The wonders, mysteries, and incredible beauty surrounding us, along with the amazing characters I’ve met, all profoundly influence my writing.

Despite an adventurous spirit, I achieved my educational goals, married, and have two handsome sons. Writing is my current focus, my newest adventure!

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