An artist in Venice must stop an ancient ghoul from introducing the plague into Europe.
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Dark fun in Venice”

Five Star Review on Amazon By K. Charles

A Plague in Venice – Henderson’s descriptions allowed me to revisit Venice’s splendors, both on foot and by boat as well as through time, and gave a fascinating glimpse into the history of its plague pits. I could easily imagine I was once again in Venice, seeing its sights and people and experiencing its smells and textures. I have a special affinity for plague stories (who doesn’t?) and A Plague in Venice was a fantastic read and lots of fun (especially curmudgeonly Uncle Frank). I enjoyed the highly inventive storyline and its improbable elements. As a visual artist, I appreciated William’s forever looming deadlines for his next show of paintings. I look forward to reading more of Henderson’s books set in Venice.

I received a free eBook of A Plague in Venice in return for my honest review on Amazon.

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