Who I am in real life doesn’t matter; who I am in the game is what counts.

Before it happened, I bumbled my way through the virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game “The Greenwood,” made crap builds and wasted my time.

Then I got murdered. A shadowy figure took my hard-accumulated possessions and left me to die. I admit, I did a rage quit and deleted my character.

Then I wondered what kind of person that rage quit made me? Maybe I was a quitter? And maybe I really was someone who would let a bully get away with disrespecting me?

But then again, no: I respected myself too much for that. I rolled a new character, I vowed to get good and re-entered The Greenwood.

I took on the name Barcud and the profession of ranger. I vowed to rise through the levels, hone my skills, hunt down the shadowy figure, and grind his face in the dirt.

This is my story.
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“So you want to be a Ranger?”

Five Star Review on Amazon 

I debated with myself over the number of stars to give and looking at Amazon’s star text I felt more strongly than like about this one. I loved the story. I did feel it needed more editing and consistent spacing between paragraphs, but it was quite readable for me. One interesting story element was a detailed system of poisons, which I rarely see. The litRPG elements are present but I didn’t find them intrusive. Writing good first person is tricky, in this case, it worked for me. It may not work for everyone. I liked having a protagonist that isn’t overpowered and who knows what being helpless is like. And best of all, I have a new favorite line from a story: “My darling priestess friend here clanks like a tin box full of spanners every time she walks.”

About the Author

Hi, I’m Galen Wolf. I write stories about lost planets, crashed starships, cyborgs, warriors and bizarre alien beings; elfs, ents, wizards but no dragons so far.

I have been a bit stung in reviews for A Player in the Greenwood by people suggesting I am no gamer. I thought I’d list my creds:

Played tabletop wargames with Lord of the Rings miniatures from the mid 1970s, AD&D booklets about 1978 and was DM in campaigns with my family. In the 80s. Commodore 64 to play the Bards Tale series. I got my first Atari to play Dungeon Master in the mid 1980s. I played lots of text adventures. Then got my first PC to play the Alone in the Dark horror rpg series in the early 90s. I also founded the live role playing Cthuhlu club The Dark Door in the early 90s and wrote most of the games for that. Got into MUDs/MUSH late 90s. Was into Call of Cthulhu pen and paper, then I discovered Dungeons and Dragons Online the year after it came out and played that for years. Single player games – loved Thief, Assassin’s Creed, Dungeon Keeper. All the Total War series, especially Warhammer, Skyrim etc. As for MMOs, DDO as mentioned was my big love, tried Guild Wars and WOW but didn’t persevere. I liked Secret World. I think Black Desert Online is beautiful. Tried LOTRO for a bit. Currently playing Elder Scrolls Online.

I’m far from being an expert, but I do have lots of experience in all these type of games and I know how they work.

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