fgdfbgffFresh out of the Army in 1989, the author started at the ground floor of retail security and worked himself into a multi-store district investigator. 100’s of shoplifting detentions followed by 1000’s of interviews leads to a story that is both entertaining and informational. Trained in several different forms of interview and interrogation techniques the author shares how he morphed them into successful admissions by employee suspects. A must read for anyone interested in retail security, retail management, or anyone interested in what happens after the doors close.

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About the Author

After working dozens of odd jobs while going to college, Mark Hudson joined the US Army serving finally with the famous 82nd airborne division in the now deactivated Bco 4/325. Upon exiting the military Hudson started a career in retail security and private investigations specializing in employee embezzlement and fraud. He has worked with many law enforcement agencies across several states including the FBI. Now residing in Arizona with his wife, he chases a lifelong dream of being a successful author. “I enjoy writing about the anti-hero, looking for real justice in a world of legalese, fraud, and deception. My work history in investigations includes an element of this.”

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