A Secret

by – Juanita Tischendorf (Author)

Would you go immediately to the police?

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Book Description:

What would you do if you found yourself on a street corner and you didn’t know who you were or where you belonged? Then later you find the only clues to your identity are a blood-soaked dress and fifty thousand dollars in your coat pocket. Would you go immediately to the police?
One afternoon, a woman found herself on a street corner in Rochester, New York…and forgot who she was. She had awakened to a nightmare. She doesn’t know her name or her age. And she even forgot what she looks like. Frightened and confused, she wanders the streets of Rochester wearing a blood-stained dress and finds $50,000 in her coat pocket. Her life has become a vacuum, her past vanished…or stolen.
In ‘A Secret’, that is all the woman has to work with and she acts out of fear and frustration before going to the police. She tries to recall who she is and what she has done, only it’s not easy to uncover facts when you don’t even know your name or have any identification to support it.
How long she would continue her search for her identity on her own ends when she is taken to the hospital, recognized and introduced to Dr. Liam McCarthy who says he is her husband. But something isn’t right. Even though her doctors seem to accept it as fact, she wonders why a woman with such a perfect life as he describes it, needed to get away from it, forget him and forget she has a daughter? And that raises another issue, where is her daughter?
Once at home in Irondequoit it gets worse. She becomes a prisoner in the home and is kept sedated. Any request to visit with friends is denied and any contact with her family is denied as she wanders about like a zombie.
During sane moments she manages to break free of her prison and even manages to make contact with the outside world. It is then she uncovers lie after lie, and she wonders when the nightmare will end.
Even though heavily sedated, she uses her ingenuity to find out the truth as it is told to her by her husband. But is it the truth? She may never know.

About the Author: Juanita Tischendorf

Juanita Tischendorf has also written under Juanita B Tischendorf and JB Tischendorf. She lives in Upstate NY. To her credit she has released several nonfiction books and several fiction books, completing books recently at the rate of one book per year. Her fiction writing covers fantasy, love and forensic type mysteries. She completed a writing course at the University of Washington and participates in the James Paterson masterclass offering. Juanita is a member of the Writers Guild of America. She started a book club over 10 years ago and has a little library installed in front of her home.

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