“I shall be in transports of delight
when parents, and especially children,
discover Stevie Tenderheart Books.”

Steve William Laible
American Children’s Author


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Based on a #TrueStory Stevie and the Tooth Fairy share the magic of the night.
This is a wonderful storybook for young children about to lose their first tooth!
Sure to become a classic of children’s literature…perhaps, perhaps not.
(Let’s ask toothless children everywhere to decide.)

The First Edition paperback more fully expands on the Audiobook version.

Discover Stevie Tenderheart Books
~ Looking for #SweetBooks for the children in your life?
Stevie Tenderheart Books are an essential tool in your parenting toolbox.

Here’s why:
Stevie is helping parents put their kids to bed on time, every time, night after night, with
his kind, gentle, silly, affectionate ‘bedtime’ storybooks. Just be mindful when you say,
“It’s Stevie time!” They will likely hear, “It’s TV time.”

~ Stevie Tenderheart bedtime storybooks are written by
Ashland, Oregon native & United States Air Force Veteran,
Steve William Laible, Captain, USAF (Ret)

~ Stevie ‘picture’ books are vividly illustrated & warmly written in a silly rhythmic cadence which
helps your children feel safe, cozy & loved at bedtime. #GigglesAssured

~ As you read Stevie books to your children at bedtime, they will snuggle
deep down under their covers falling fast asleep with a wink and a smile. (sigh)
They won’t even realize it. But you will. #Joy

#Goodreads ~ Stevie Tenderheart Books
~ 600+ Positive Ratings & Reviews
#WorstReview: “Too many words.”
#TopReview: “Best Children’s Author to come along since Dr. Seuss.”
[As if, but thank you!] Another, “Leave it to Beaver meets Dr. Seuss.”
[Still, pretty cool.]

“Together, with a little grace, we WILL make this world a better, kinder, safer place.”

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~ Available in Australia, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, the Netherlands,
Denmark, Finland, Italy, India, Germany, France, Mexico, Japan, Canada & USA
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