A Steele Heart by Raechel Lynn

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Book Description:

Stella Steele and her horse Pandora are rodeo superstars. They’ve been out on the road constantly, winning rodeo after rodeo, but Stella wants something more in her life. She’s always told herself she doesn’t need a man, but after succumbing to a handsome cowboy’s charm, she can’t get him out of her head.

Cash Lawson is searching for a new path in life. He no longer feels content at home, and when the Steele family give him a chance for a new life in Grizzly Bend he jumps at it. He’s hoping that along with starting a successful new business, he can convince a certain cowgirl to give him a chance.

Can Cash and Stella break down their walls and learn to trust each other? Or will demons from their past, plotting against them, burn their new life to the ground?
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About the Author

I grew up in the pacific northwest, which granted me an appreciation of everything outdoors, and a love for raw beauty. The most important things in my life are my two horses and my dog, and I’m forever a champion of adoption. Paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi are my favorite genres to read and to write.

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