Klavdiya dreamed of money and love. Her dreams died with her under a merciless rain.
Leah, a Canadian detective with empathetic skills, and her team engage in a tedious race to find the culprit.
Leah is able to read people’s minds and sense their feelings and she makes good use of her skills. However, when she encounters Axel, her abilities are blocked and she doesn’t know if she found her killer or merely a witness to the murder.
If you like a detective story with compelling characters, then this is the book for you.
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About the Author

Roxana enjoys writing, reading and baking – these work very well hand in hand, and she enjoys spending time with her dog – or at least most of the time, as he is a hellion. She loves to travel. One trip to Scotland made her lose her heart to that beautiful country and extraordinary people. That’s why she chose a Scottish detective to promote her crime stories. She also writes romance under another pen name – Rowena Dawn.

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