by AM SARDAR (Author)

As the Somme's haunting landscape bears witness, Charlotte confronts the harrowing aftermath of war on those she loves most.

Book Description:​

The Kensington Quartet; Four Charlotte Holmes mysteries set in Europe during the Great War – Book 3 of 4.

A Summer @ the Somme.


The world is in turmoil as the Great War stalls in the muddy fields of Europe, the stagnant frontlines scythe through the flowers of youth, as the Empire is called on to defend the Mother Land.
Charlotte and Watan are enrolled as surgeons in a field hospital whilst Branwell is a Captain in the Indian Army—a sympathetic English officer in charge of the Indians; however, his superior, Major Charles de Beque is markedly less sympathetic.
Anti-British forces are fomenting rebellion in the Indian regiments just as a British offensive is looming, when it fails the superiors task Branwell with finding a scapegoat
When Watan comes under bombardment he suffers severe shellshock and deserts the battlefield. Branwell manages to find him but the wayward surgeon is court martialled for desertion.

The Great War extracts a heavy toll on our heroes both in mental and physical scars that will never heal.

About the Author

AM SARDAR (Author)

Dr Asif M Sardar was born in the Punjab in Pakistan, emigrated to England as a small child and grew up in the Midlands in Birmingham. He originally worked as a Medical Research Scientist before cross-training to work as an IT Consultant, initially with the British Ministry of Defence and then the Japanese IT company Fujitsu. He enjoys reading a wide range of contemporary literature, is a keen student of cinema and his favorite director is Howard Hawks and favorite actor is Clint Eastwood. His comic heroes are the Marx brothers, especially Groucho, the late Irish comic Spike Milligan, and Monty Python. In addition he is also an avid comic book reader and collector with a deep and trivial knowledge of the Marvel universe; he has referenced these influences and interests in his writings. His first book "Colin Thorson Teenage Superhero" was published in April 2012 and he has continued to write books in a variety of genres, usually with a humorous flavour.

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I started reading “A Summer at the Somme'' one afternoon and I couldn't put it down. It happened the same with the other books. This time AM Sardar has come up with a captivating story full of turns and twists that will leave readers at the edge of their seats. The story revolves around Charlotte and Watan who worked as surgeons in a field hospital. As it’s set in the Great War, they must cope with tough situations as well as uncertainties of that period. It’s an absorbing novel with a neat writing style that lets you feel immersed in the plot and the characters’ minds. It's fiction but also, it delves into warfare facts, so in a way, you can learn a bit more about the war. I highly recommend it.