An Anthology of tantalising short stories selected from the Michael Terence Publishing Short Story Competition, 2017.
A Tale of a Mouse – Andy Hamilton
The Last Love of the Sea Captain – Tamara Artvin
A Gap Year for Grandma – Mary Charnley

Trevor Colbourne -Wild Geese
Sandra Kirley – Everything Must Go
Tiffany Williams – Mirella
Emma J Myatt – Your Lifejacket is Under Your Seat
Julia Brilleman – Rubber Dominoes
Pauline Whittle – Doomed
MartinHone – The Soul as a Shadow and a Reflection
E C Hayles – The Model
NickAdigu Burke – Many a Silent Wish
Grant Hulbert – Creatures of Myth – The Story of Jared McKay
Paula St. Paul – Hand Across The Water
Sally Wood – Evelyn
Mike Waugh – Prey
Andrea Rose Lyttle – The Ambit
Tim Cove – Homo Erectus
Shayna Marks – It’s Not What It Seems
Liam Lennon – Memoirs About a Girl
Fizza Fatima – Fablo’s Bar
Hilary Slade – The Life and Times of Lewis Ancer
Aviv Salinas – Counter Revolution
Shelley Crowley – The One Who Wasn’t
Tom Nicolson – A Grand Opportunity
David Readings – A Spitfire Called Lola
Lee Wadmore – Happy Crying
Ken Hawes – Look Further than the Cover
Tim Ewins – A Little, Lost
E.L. Spink – Escobar’s Last Breakfast
Ron Morton – The Sinkers’ Skirmish
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