A Tale or Two and a Few More by Terry H Watson

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Book Description:

A veritable feast of short stories to tempt the palate of the discerning reader, A Tale or Two and a Few More is a rare and captivating literary collection of tales about humanity in all its guises. Her we have tales of love, loss, hope, compassion, as well as forgiveness. Catch a glimpse into the private and personal experience of a World War 1 survivor and share, momentarily, his pain as he revisits his past, a lifetime later. Or admire the work ethic of Matt, a police officer facing his worst nightmare; or, on a lighter note, lose yourself in the private fantasy world of children’s stories, the former childhood world of all adults and from which they are now excluded. Rejoice at a family reunion that brought an extra sparkle to Christmas festivities, or laugh at the consequences for Emily, a young lawyer, desperate to find love but jumps to erroneous conclusions when the man of her dream arrives. These and many other characters are to be found within the pages of this wonderfully evocative and eclectic first collection of short stories. Emotionally charged, it possesses all of the ingredients to both move emotionally and entertain. Take a Look Inside and sample what is on offer. You will not be disappointed.
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“Hope she writes ‘a few more'”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Paul Morris

Some tales will make you smile, others shed a tear – just like life. The writer observes human nature and turns it into a good ‘Tale’.
Would recommend as a good airport book…….
Alex, Ayr.

About the Author

Retired teacher Terry began her writing career in 2014 and has published a mystery thriller trilogy: The Lucy Trilogy, composed of Call Mama, Scamper’s Find, The Leci legacy.
Her children’s book is The Clock that Lost its Tick and other Tales.
Terry is presently revamping her short story compilation: A Tale or Two and a Few More, along side a cosy crime trilogy: A Case for Julie, A Break for Julie and A Letter for Julie.

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