A Talent For Trouble

by – Christopher C Tubbs (Author)

The Dorset Boy Book 1 

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Book Description:

In the late 18th Century life was cheap and you had fight to survive. Martin Stockley at 12 years old was underfed and undersized as the youngest of nine in a Dorset clay miner’s family and was probably doomed to die, worn out and broken at a very young age in the clay mines of Dorset. But he had a sharp mind, had learned to read, write and do his numbers and had a fascination for maps. A stroke of good fortune sees him escape that destiny and be taken on as a Ship’s Boy and Under Steward to the Captain in the Royal Navy Frigate the Falcon. What follows is a chronicle of his talent for getting into and out of trouble at Gibraltar, the siege of Toulon and against Barbary pirates. Luck and a lot of Dorset courage sees him at the centre of a series of adventures. Blood, guts, a beautiful Contessa and prize money. What more could a young lad from Dorset ask for?

Reviews for the Book

Made number 1 best seller in Sea Adventures Fiction in Australia on Amazon.com.au Number one best seller in the USA in Sea Adventures Fiction on Amazon.com

About the Author: Christopher C Tubbs

Christopher C Tubbs, is a SABA 2020 Fiction Book award short listed Author. A dog loving descendent of a long line of Dorset clay miners who has traced his family tree back to the 16th century in the Isle of Purbeck. He left school at 16 to take an apprenticeship in Avionics and has been a public speaker for most of his career and was one of the founders of a successful games company back in the 1990’s.

Now in his sixties he is writing the stories he had going around in his head for many years. Thanks to inspiration from great fiction and fantasy authors he was finally able to put digit to keyboard and start writing the Dorset Boy series. He makes no apologies that he write for himself. The stories emerge as he writes and is often surprised by the twists and turns that they take. His dogs sit by him as he writes and it would be unfair to leave them out so look out for them in The Dorset Boy series.Now living in the Netherlands Antilles on the island of Bonaire with his wife and furry kids.