svWhat causes an adolescent – straight A student Brandon P Marshall – to walk downstairs naked, armed with a pair of Glocks, and go all Charles Manson on his family? This is only one in the horrifying trail of incidents that brings together Detective Sergeant Dale Franklin of the Kansas City Police Department and his poster-boy rookie, Steve Abrams.
Meanwhile, across the pond, Dai Williams, in Battersea London, safe inside his improvised Faraday cage, is coming to terms with his special talents – talents that will take ‘getting-into-the-mind-of-the-killer’ to a whole new level.
Al-Qaeda? Drugs Cartels? Internet freaks? David Graham’s The Screaming leaves no possibility untouched as Dai enters a bizarre and horrifying world where kids scream.

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“A Unique Horror Story”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Veronica

I have recently gotten into the horror genre, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. However, what I am finding is that a lot of horror stories I read are either too short/make no sense at all, or they don’t feel much like horror to me. When I came across The Screaming, by David Graham, I was intrigued by the description and figured I’d give it a shot. I am so glad I did, because it exceeded my expectations in every way.

This is probably one of the most unique horror type stories I have read to date. Dale Franklin, a man who works for the Kansas City Police Department, gets a chilling call. A suicide has taken place, along with two murders. Who were the witnesses? Three children! The perpetrator was said to be Brandon Marshal; Brandon Marshal who is a straight A star baseball player in high school. What could the motive possibly be? That was the big question.

It turns out, a deadly trend is making it ways to teens all across the world. These teens are killing their loved ones, along with killing themselves. The biggest question is, how can this be stopped and how did it even start?

Very intriguing storyline and plot. It kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Highly recommend it to all horror fans out there!

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The author lives in an ostensibly carbon zero house with his two cats amidst orchards of apples and poly-tunnels of strawberries. A 3G mobile network mast stands camouflaged as a tree in an adjacent field. When he isn’t enjoying the Kentish landscape and torrential rain, his mind is drawn to strange imaginings about what lurks beneath the surface of the world around him. This is his fourth novel.

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