Dear beautiful reader,
We have a problem.
There is a pandemic of depression.
Depression and Anxiety. Anger and Guilt. Loss and Fear. Inner Darkness and Demons. The Blues.
They are the dark side of Humanity and Life. And they are totally normal. What shouldn’t be normal is our reaction to the Darkness.
No matter if you are a victim or a witness of depression, or you are just curious about life – let me spoil the end of the dark side for you. And let me assure you – this is going to be a hell of a story, and a great one.
This little book is an encouraging self-help guide/collision between life experience, fiction and non-fiction written for the courageous ones of all ages who are seeking change.
This book will take you on a journey of self-reflection and lessons of self-love; it will take your breath away down the mighty streams of the river of hard-to-ask-questions; it will lift you high above the mountains of joy and it will chase you up the hills of inspirational short stories.
Are you up for this fateful battle and life-changing adventure?