scsadEva is a young, gentle African woman who immigrated to United-Kingdom in order to get away from her controlling family and their expectations, but she is in for a shock when she blindly falls in love with David, a man from Uganda.

David is a man who practices domestic violence in his household. Eva must obey and submit and accept anything thrown at her, which includes a controlling mother-in law and a sullen step-daughter, Tamara.

Eva isn’t living, she is surviving. There is a voice in her head shouting ‘No more!’ But she has neither voice nor courage to walk away, she is a broken woman. But when David beats her in front of their three year old daughter Mia, something inside Eva snaps and she realizes that David needs her more than she ever needed him.

An emotional tale of a marriage pushed to the brink, A Woman’s Weakness explores the limits of love, loyalty, and one woman’s self-worth.

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“Molly Gambiza writes with a very authentic, and therefore …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jane Conway

Molly Gambiza writes with a very authentic, and therefore compelling, voice, pulling the reader into the world of her protagonists with access to their inner thoughts and conflicts. I couldn’t put this book down and now that I have finished it, I am hoping for its sequel to discover what Eva does next…

About the Author

Molly Gambiza lives in the United Kingdom with her husband. As a young girl in Uganda, Molly Gambiza knew she wanted to see the world and when the opportunity arose, she jumped at the chance and the chance led her to her true love, her husband. The couple has been married for twenty six years, they have two grown sons, who occasionally pop in to sample her spicy dishes, especially chicken wings.

While working as a receptionist, Molly Gambiza is passionate about writing and fashion. She has published three novels, True Colours, Mistaken Identity and A Woman’s Weakness. Now working on her fourth novel, A Woman’s Weakness follow up.

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