In this gripping police procedural, Officer Emily Etcitty sets a trap for a kidnapper preying on Navajo teens.

When a Native American girl turns up missing during a traditional ceremony, Navajo police officer Emily Etcitty is on the case. What initially looks like nothing more than a routine runaway turns into a high-priority kidnapping case when a connection is made to several other missing girls under similar suspicious circumstances.

After abandoning everything on the East Coast but his loyal dog, Patch, musician Abe Freeman is still acclimating to the Southwest and his new love interest, the beautiful and beguiling Emily. It hasn’t been easy with clashing cultures and haunted pasts, but they’re committed to making it work.

Fearing for the missing girls’ safety, Emily decides to use herself as bait to set a trap for the kidnapper…and is abducted alongside another girl. Now Abe must team up with Emily’s brother and her police partner to find and save the missing girls, but the deeper they dig into the investigation, the more dangerous things become. And with the weight of a greater, far more sinister plot at play, can Emily escape the kidnapper and take him down before more girls fall victim?
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“Aventure and mystery in the American Southwest”

Five Star Review on Amazon By J F Johnson

Sandra Bolton’s new book, Abducted Innocence is a fast moving adventure in the life of Navajo tribal police officer Emily Etcitty.
Officer Etcitty, following up on a missing persons report, quickly realizes she is dealing with a serial kidnapper. Several young Navajo women have recently gone missing under similar circumstances. Setting a trap for the kidnappers goes awry when Emily herself is captured and imprisoned on the compound of a dangerous and secretive cult.
Set in the starkly beautiful deserts and arid mountains in the Four Corners area of the Western United States. The story plays out over the northeastern Navajo tribal lands and nearby areas of New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.
Emily’s career, dedicated and focused on police work, finds balance in her loving relationship with Abe Freeman. Abe, a transplant to the area, is still trying to find his fit in a culture alien to his East Coast/New Jersey origins. Abe is a somewhat withdrawn and quiet musician, not naturally inclined to a life of action. However, he gets drawn into the intrigue and troubles brought on by Emily’s line of work in law enforcement. With Emily in danger Abe quickly becomes involved.
As the story evolves, their dangerous undertaking carries both Emily and Abe far from Navajo land in their quest to solve the mystery.

About the Author

Sandra Bolton writes mysteries and police procedurals about the people and places she has come to know and love. Extensive travels and a teaching career that spans over twenty-five years with diverse populations provide a feeling of authenticity to her novels. Key Witness and Abducted Innocence, books one and two of the Emily Etcitty Mysteries, published by Thomas and Mercer, take place in the starkly beautiful Four Corners area of New Mexico and on the remote Navajo Reservation. During her three years teaching on the reservation, she gained an appreciation for the Navajo people, their land, and traditions which she manages to weave seamlessly into her books. Her first novel, A Cipher in the Sand, centers around a Peace Corps volunteer’s harrowing experience with corruption and crime in Honduras where Sandra lived and worked for two years. She currently resides in northern New Mexico with her dog Sam, dividing her time between writing, hiking, and cooking great meals for friends. The third novel in her Emily Etcitty series is near completion.

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