Abuse of Power: Inside The Three-Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump

How a Biden scandal morphed into an attempted Trump prosecution

How a Biden scandal morphed into an attempted Trump prosecution

“Fred Lucas goes beyond the tribalism to the truth. There doesn’t need to be any partisan spin here, because the facts of the coup the Democrats attempted speak for themselves.” —Steve Deace, host of the Steve Deace Show on TheBlazeTV

Donald Trump’s enemies set out to remove him from office even before his inauguration, as career politicians and Washington bureaucrats proudly joined the “Resistance.”

Abuse of Power is packed with exclusive interviews from those inside the White House and on Capitol Hill, bringing you behind the scenes of the relentless efforts of the both government officials and some in the media, blinded by a narrative of Trump’s illegitimacy as president.

When Russia collusion and other assorted conspiracy theories collapsed, another pretext for ousting a president emerged. And it just happened to coincide with a key political interest: protecting Joe Biden’s candidacy.

Abuse of Power exposes:

  • The depths of the Biden family’s international conflicts of interest, how the conflicts stretch back to Joe Biden’s Senate career, and why the family has escaped accountability.
  • Why the media once aggressively covered Hunter Biden’s businesses deals, only to declare a blackout in 2019.
  • Why Nancy Pelosi had to cave to The Squad to maintain her speakership.
  • How Adam Schiff pushed Jerry Nadler out of the key spot to lead the Trump impeachment.
  • How Lt. Col. Vindman set the impeachment saga in motion.
  • How Elizabeth Warren tried to set an impeachment trap for Trump even before the inauguration.
  • How Democrats abandoned what would have been a crowning liberal achievement in gun control legislation in order to pursue an impeachment that was destined to fail in the Senate.
  • Why Mitt Romney’s vote to convict likely prevented three moderate Democrats from rebelling against party leaders.

“That the Left tried to undo the results of the 2016 by whatever means necessary is not in doubt. Fred Lucas reminds us of the dangers this approach poses to constitutional government as he dissects what President Trump has rightly called one of the greatest hoaxes in our history.” —Cal Thomas, nationally syndicated columnist and bestselling author

“A devastating and comprehensive takedown of Trump’s impeachment, and a thoughtful look at the historical context of past impeachments, with strong reporting and research to combat the Left’s inevitable rewrite of history.” —Sara Carter, Fox News Contributor, award-winning correspondent, host of The Sara Carter Show

“The attempted coup on President Trump is the biggest political scandal in our nation’s history. Fred Lucas pulls back the curtain in Abuse of Power. Many of the people involved thought they could get away with it… until now.” —Phil Valentine, nationally syndicated talk radio host and bestselling author

“Readers of mystery fiction may love a good ‘whodunit’ but readers of ‘history’s mysteries’ seek the when, why, and how. Veteran Washington journalist Fred Lucas offers this definitive account of the Trump impeachment, and in the process, gives us areal page turner.” —J.D. Hayworth, member of Congress from Arizona from 1995-2007

“Fred Lucas packs a powerful punch as he breathes new life into the very recent events that are apart of American history. His book is a must-read to understand why Democrats pursued an impeachment the country did not want and why Republicans stood by their man.” —John Gizzi, White House Correspondent and Chief Political Correspondent, Newsmax