Accidental Baby For My Brother’s Best Friend

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An Age Gap Rockstar Romance 

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Book Description:

My brother’s best friend should come with a warning label…Never give him your V card.

Locke doesn’t do romantic entanglements that last more than a single song.

He doesn’t need a girlfriend, especially a young, inexperienced one.

No man that talented and good looking wants to commit to a nobody like me.

When finally given the chance to roll in the sheets with him I can’t pass it up.

He rocks my world the same way he rocks the stage, hard and with passion.

It was only supposed to be one night, but fate had other plans.

I gave him my V card, but he gifted me something in return that neither of us expected.

Now it’s time I tell this Rockstar he’s about to be a daddy…

Reviews for the Book

Locke and Gemma are always locking horns with the decisions of their band. Locke is the drummer in her brother's band, along with Axel and Samuel. They are all like family.
Gemma and Jackson lost their parents in an accident and Jackson is over protective of Gemma.
Gemma took over being their manager three years ago and is doing a fantastic job. She got them on a twelve week tour.
Locke is attracted to her but doesn't want to admit it to himself. But he hates seeing Axel flirting with her. Locke doesn't realize that Gemma is still a virgin at almost twenty two.
She fantasies are about Locke being the one.
When they get to Vegas for one of their stops they both get drunk and don't remember much of what happened that night. But they both decide its not going to happen again.
They are afraid of what Jackson will do if he finds out. Locke is ten years older than Gemma.
But it does happen several times more. They can't keep away from each other.
Locke thinks she is seeing both Axel and him.
Many twist and turns as they both are stubborn and don't take the time to talk about their insecurities.
Love all the characters in this book and how they watch out for each other. Recommend reading this book by Callie Stevens. - Kindle Customer

About the Author: Callie Stevens

Hi, my name is Callie Stevens and I write contemporary romance novels. What can I say? I love love! And I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. For me, writing is all about giving my readers an escape. A way to lose themselves in another person’s life-dreams for a little while. It’s a fun and sexy way for me (and hopefully other people) to get lost in another person’s story.

I live in Ontario Canada with my husband and our two kids, as well as our four fur babies.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy going on outdoor adventures like hiking and cycling.

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