Adam is living in Monte Carlo with the life most people can only dream of. The fancy house, the sports car, and the finest private wine collection in the world.

When local woman Margaux Dupont goes missing, he leaves all of this behind him to do what he does better than anybody else. Find people.

As he begins tracking her down, he uncovers a vile Mediterranean woman-trafficking organisation so vicious and cruel that nobody has ever dared confront them.

Adam isn’t just anybody though. He’s lived through all of history and confronted evil more times than he can remember.

Yet the more he learns about the traffickers, the more he realises he may have met his match this time …

Is time running out for Margaux Dupont?
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About the Author

I was born in England in 1979 and grew up in Hampshire. I currently live and work in London. ‘Adam & Evil,’ is my debut novel.

After giving up on a career as an actor in my late twenties, I spent some time down in the South of France and Monaco working as a journalist for an English language paper. Monaco is the main setting for ‘Adam & Evil.’ It’s a fascinating backdrop for a novel: glamorous, steeped in history, and home to the Grand Prix, super yachts, and shady billionaires. I’ve written the book with the intention of it being fast-paced and exciting, with an original protagonist and a colourful cast of characters, both male and female.

If you have any thoughts of questions, I’d be very interested to hear them:

The book cover and all of the illustrations you’ll see on my page here are by John Newnham. All of them are of characters and / or scenes from ‘Adam & Evil.’ Check them out!

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