41UVIv00bEL._UX250_Name a man that you admire in your life. Maybe it’s a hard-working father, a loving husband, or a family friend. But admired men aren’t simply born that way. They’re crafted from a set of traits and values that motivate others to look up to them—behaviors and characteristics that facilitate leadership skills and draw admiration from their peers and loved ones.

Inspired by the admirable men he has encountered in his own life, Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr. set out to discover the specific qualities that cause a man to be respected, through thousands of questionnaires, personal surveys, and interviews. And the results were overwhelming, showing clear trends in the characteristics of those men—a collection of behaviors that create near-universal admiration among family, friends, students, and colleagues.

The results of this research can be found in Admired Man—Why?, a must-read for boys, men, fathers, and anyone who has ever wondered what it takes to truly be an admired man. Learn the QBCs (quality, behavior, and characteristics) of being the best man you can be, and get started on L(ife)eadership Skills that will last a lifetime, with this helpful and encouraging guide.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By De Anma McCrary

5 stars! Two thumbs up! Great book! I applaud the author on his ability to engage (me) the reader, to capture my interest and ignite my thoughts. I find it difficult to put this book down. Very well researched, very well written with lots of pertinent information to help one better understand the son/father relationship and the qualities/behaviors and characteristics required to become an Admired man. Very enlightening, very educational, an excellent prospect for study at Colleges and Universities. This is a book that all men and women can learn from. This is a book that all men and women should read and enjoy!

About the Author

Dr. Chris L. Hickey Sr. is the founder and executive director of Each One–Teach One Alliance for Academic Success, an organization focused on the reformation of educational practices for at-risk youth.

As the CEO and president of the Admired Man Leadership Institute, Dr. Hickey also conducts a number of lectures and workshops regarding his research into what it takes to be an admired man. Through the resulting book, Admired Man– Why? The Making of an Admired Man, he hopes to inspire men everywhere with the findings of his research, promoting skills and strategies that can be used to promote leadership skills and admirable qualities that readers can use to become admired men.

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