Adroit Force

by – L. Ann Marie (Author)

 SAVED – MERCs, Movies and Babies?: Book 3

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Book Description:

Adroit Force: SAVED, Book Three is the last in the Adroit Force Trilogy.
MERCS, Movies, Terrorist and Babies?
Our favourite MERC, Commander, military vet, real-life-superhero movie character and bossy wife of Clint starts this one at MC Badasses Rising2 Club.
Life is getting more complicated for the Bruce’s as Clint continually tries for a shorter baby wait.

Reviews for the Book

You know it is a good book when you don’t want it to end!! I could have gone one for at least a couple more chapters! I love this authors writing style, her attention to detail and how she is converging all the series into this one. It was awesome to see and read about some of my favorite characters I haven’t read about in a while. I know we just got this one but I can’t wait for the next! Highly recommend! - Kindle Customer

About the Author: L. Ann Marie

L. Ann started with the Baxters and followed that with multiple series and genres. While her books feature paranormal, FBI, ex-military and Badass Bikers, L. Ann is writing about the strong women that these men need in their life to help right the world’s wrongs and keep their small part of the world safe. The women are extraordinary, strong and determined to make a difference.

The men fight for right in every book. Yes, they kill people. Yes, the MC shoots at the bad guys’ feet to cause them pain. Yes, some throw tampons at each other regularly. That being said, they do these things while stopping human trafficking and experimentation, bringing their world into legitimate businesses, fighting gangs to keep drugs away from their towns and kids, keep women sheltered safely while trying to stop domestic abuse. These are men that don’t leave a pack, team member or Brother behind. They don’t treat women as possessions and they don’t cheat. Respect takes on an honorable meaning. Women and kids are cherished. Everyone is looked out for and everyone is equal.

L. Ann has made amazing worlds, tackled the taboo subjects and made it easy to imagine living in a world where your protection comes from the vampires, shifters, freaky kids, albinos and orientals, military turned FBI and some Badass Bikers.

With readers writing about rereading the series over and over, she feels like she’s told her characters’ stories in a way that would make them proud. Every book will make you laugh, every book will make you angry for the wrong that happens in the world. Every book will make you cry for the pain that a character feels.

Every book gives you hope that we may just get it right yet.

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