Just when life couldn’t get any more stressful for Wizard’s Apprentice, Oswald, he accidentally kills the legendary King Arthur and inherits his Kingdom. As if finding out you have telekinetic powers, falling in love, and coping with night terrors wasn’t enough for a teenager. Now with the realm of Camelot turning to him for guidance, he also has a vengeful horde of barbarians out for his head. Oh, and rumour has it, a dragon is on the loose too.

Following Adventures in Swineville, Further Adventures in Swineville continues the story of Oswald (or as he found out earlier, his real name is Lancelot) and his band of friends as they try to live happy, quiet, peaceful lives. Not easy when you live in a world of Wizards, Trolls, Dragons, Assassins and Ghostly Spirits aplenty.

The question isn’t so much; Who will live, and who will perish? Those are easy questions, it’s the how that’ll keep you awake at night. So many wondrous ways to meet your demise. Life may be short, it certainly won’t be boring!

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