Adventures of Pig and Mouse: An Unusual Friendship

Encouraging collecting -- or enjoying your child's collecting impulse -- can be fun forthe whole family.
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Encouraging collecting -- or enjoying your child's collecting impulse -- can be fun forthe whole family.

Book Description:

Pig isn’t like most pigs. She doesn’t like to roll in the mud or get dirty. She likes to watch birds and butterflies. She likes to sing and make up stories. She’s a daydreamer. Mouse is a vagabond, always moving to keep safe. When events bring them together, an unlikely friendship forms as they bond over their first adventure: treasure hunting!

Pig and Mouse formed an unusual friendship, but maybe it’s not unusal at all. If you’ve ever witnessed a connection between two species, say, a dog and a cat, or a cat and a bird, you already know animals are capable of feeling love and empathy just like we can. Pig and Mouse’s friendship highlights the value of empathy and that differences in size and appearance do not matter. The author invites you to share the story of Pig and Mouse with your children as the touchstone to an important conversation about diversity, empathy, and what’s truly important.

The inspiration for Pig and Mouse’s first adventure was author Kelly Lenihan’s own childhood love of collecting treasures from nature: rocks, seed pods, leaf skeletons, feathers, abandoned bird nests, shells, etc. Often, these collections were started on the fly during a trip to the beach or a hike in the woods. Her kids even contributed to her “science museum” throughout their own childhoods. Now that they’re grown, the collections have been condensed into a large curio cabinet in the author’s living room. She still adds the occasional rock, seed pod or feather — her eyes never stop seeking. To this day, Kelly enjoys examining her collections and showing visitors her latest acquisitions — the thrill never truly goes away!

Like Kelly, kids are drawn to natural items and collecting is a great activity that will help your child to develop important life skills, expand their horizons, and learn about categorizing, sorting and observing. Encouraging collecting — or enjoying your child’s collecting impulse — can be fun forthe whole family. Did you have a collection as a child? Maybe it’s time to start that up again!
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Adventures of Pig and Mouse: An Unusual Friendship

Kelly Lenihan (Author)

Author has recently published the book ▸Adventures of Pig and Mouse: An Unusual Friendship. This book is avaiable on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.
Kelly Lenihan grew up with a pen in her hand. As a child – pretty much all the way through college – she was forever making up stories. The imagination is a wondrous thing and Kelly was often lost in hers, her head filled with fanciful characters’ adventures in magical lands. Over the years, as Kelly turned to other interests, her writing evolved into essays on multicultural arts and crafts or exploring gardening and nature through science and art, including hands-on projects. These days, tapping into her background as an avowed foodie, she has been sharing original recipes smattered with the occasional food legend or how-to for nature-inspired table settings, on her food blog. Sadly, Kelly’s childhood stories were long-forgotten, both on paper and in her imagination. Until she had children. Reading aloud to her two sons every night at bedtime reminded Kelly of her own childhood delight in the power of stories. As a stalling tactic, once she finished reading a bedtime book, her younger son would beg for “one more story”. He’d look at his mom, his big brown eyes filled with hope, placing his tiny hand on hers – how could she refuse? So she started making up stories right there, in the moment. Some of these stories delighted her son so much, he would have her tell them again, night after night, especially the ones he starred in. Thankfully, Kelly wrote some of the stories down. Even though it’s taken her a few years to publish some of them (her son is now grown), they remain beloved family favorites. Kelly is thrilled to share her precious stories with children everywhere. To get an email whenever Kelly releases a new title, sign up for her newsletter at (just copy and paste into your browser).

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