In a classic science-fiction novel with a new twist, author Irish McClaren explores what awaits us in a future where age-suppression therapies have successfully extended the human lifespan by hundreds of years.

2024 : In the not-so-distant future, Tobin Lee is a medical doctor who works as a compliance officer for the Kansas Institute of Public Health, a government-oversight agency.

She begins to suspect that a pharmaceutical company called AxlPharm is trying to get an age-suppression drug approved for public use while hiding its true purpose. She confronts a researcher named Bryce Hauser, and his arrogant demeaner only spurs her to look deeper into this breach of ethics.

2125: Tobin finds herself flung into the future, where she discovers that her older brother, Patrick, is still alive. The healthcare industry has been taken over by Spherus, a pharmaceutical giant born of government deregulation…and run (on paper, at least) by Patrick.

Spherus, along with the Earth in Motion medical movement, have made the longevity drug Ternion mandatory in all New Cities. It’s hugely successful at eradicating disease, but it also has an unintended side effect: widespread infertility.

Is it worth living for centuries if there’s no one to come after you?
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