51zQuI6q3hL._SX337_BO1,204,203,200_What’s on the mind of Canada’s No. #1 literary-boogieman? Cannibalism. The Men In Black. Psychotic cab-drivers. And vampires…that DON’T sparkle. From the author of psychological and supernatural novels, Ouija and Black October, A. Martin serves up a feast of fear for dinner in After Midnight. Over 50 stories! This massive collection includes twisted and bizarre brain-busting terrors as “Tequila Dreams,” “Elma’s Garbage Can,” “Among The Living,” “A Zombie Thing,” “Gypsy Blood,” “From My Cold Dead Hands” — and many more! Let Stephen King be your friendly host in, “You’ve Won!” Have a brain-wich in, “Route66.” And cell-phone your dead pals in, “Dead Ringer.” These twisted tales will keep you awake in bed…With one eye open…After midnight!

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About the Author

Author A. Martin is a Canadian writer / author of over a dozen published short stories in the genres of science fiction and horror. His latest story published was You’ve Won! on ShortnScaryStories.com, rated four out of five stars by readers. You can find Ouija’s book-trailer on Youtube: ouija a novel. Ouija is his first novel, a supernatural thriller.

First reviews by Ouija readers:

“Eat your heart out Stephen King!”

—Ann, Balmoral New Brunswick, Canada.



“Horrifically beautiful!”

—Carrie Hathaway, Indiana

“The story shows great imagination and I felt like I took a trip into the dark world of evil. There were a lot of twist and turns that made me want to know what really happened to Carrie! Loved the ending! Looking forward to reading your next novel!”

—Judy, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Superb suspense encapsulated in a modern day horror novel”


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