91bhD+g4bpL._UX250_Sam O’Connor is a successful and busy realtor who is married to her best friend, Will. But despite everything going on for her, Sam becomes restless. She has a great job, a great marriage, a great life, and she is so, so bored. Where is the excitement? What happened to the adventurous nature she used to have growing up?

When she suggests to Will that they should have a threesome, it had just been a random thought that she spurted out after drinking a little too much. But when he agrees to it, everything changes.

Amidst restlessness, curiosity, and self-discovery, Sam develops an addiction for women and for orgies. It’s all she can think about—it overwhelms her—and she is afraid to tell her husband about these strong urges. Can one threesome be enough to feed her sexual appetite? Or will she be willing to betray her husband in order to get her needed lustful thrills?

A Bonus romance follows “The Agreement”. Enjoy and remember, readers and writers rely on YOU and your reviews. Thank you!

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Contains sexual themes and language. Intended for mature readers.

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