AI… Meets… AI

by – Amber Ivey (Author)

An Exciting Tale of Connection and Adventure

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Book Description:

Imagine “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” recast as a robot’s quest to return to its lab, and guided by a friendly human companion teaching it about the power of human emotions. That’s the essence of this Amazon bestselling illustrated picture book for 4-8 year-olds, crafted with care by data and AI enthusiast, Amber Ivey (AI).

In a busy city, an AI robot named Jaz gets lost because of a GPS problem. That’s when Jaz meets an energetic, curious girl named Addy Iris. Addy quickly decides to help Jaz understand the world outside the lab, and she’s excited to help her new AI friend find its way back home.

While they travel back to the lab, Addy and Jaz learn a lot from each other. Jaz starts to understand human feelings better, while Addy learns more about the power of technology. This book is a great way for kids to learn about both the growing field of artificial intelligence and important human values like kindness, friendship, understanding others’ feelings, and responsibility. These important parts of being human are things that Jaz learns from interacting with people.

The author, Amber Ivey, has written an exciting and touching book that introduces kids to AI and the power of human feelings. It shows that technology and people need to work together in a good way. It helps kids see that they can be not just users of technology, but creators and developers too.

Big companies like xAI, OpenAI, Google Bard, and Microsoft are making more and more AI products. These technologies are becoming a bigger part of our daily lives. This book makes learning about AI fun and interesting for kids. Plus, it highlights the important job people have in teaching and shaping AI for current and future generations.

About the Author: Amber Ivey

Amber Ivey, also known as “AI”, is an accomplished public sector leader, author, and innovator, currently serving as Vice President at a non-profit, leading a team that assists governments in driving impact. In her previous roles at the Bloomberg Philanthropies Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University and The Pew Charitable Trust, she demonstrated a knack for utilizing data to enhance decision-making and improve service delivery. Prior to these roles, Amber used her data-driven insights to drive efficiency at Maryland StateStat and a Fortune 50 company. As the founder of Ivey Collective and co-founder of AuraSense, Amber extends her impact, offering data-driven solutions to public sector organizations and aiming to provide equitable healthcare through innovative technology, respectively. Her commitment to enlightening a wider audience about data, technology, and law led to her creating and hosting the “AI: Decodes the System” podcast and authoring the children’s book “AI… Meets… AI”. Amber’s career exemplifies her dedication to fostering a culture of data literacy and her vision of a technology-driven future.

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