Air Born – A Young Adult Urban Fantasy Novel

CiuxqeoUoAA68fGThe Eighteenth of Ahmose have been hunting the Avitorians for thousands of years – with limited success. Now they rest their hope on advances in technologies which will enable them to capture individual Avitorians and learn their secrets of flight.

Leif is a young Avitorian who discovers his true and secretive heritage, and the girl who’ll become the love of his life – only to be suddenly thrust into the threat of capture by The Eighteenth as they seek to uncover the source of the Avitorin’s abilities. 

Air Born is now available for reading

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About the Author

I’m a author, freelance writer, technologist, and software developer – basically a geek who likes to write. I’ve written books for Microsoft Press, Wiley Publications, user guides, and more articles than I can count on all my digits. While the non-fiction writing has been great, my heart lies in the telling of stories.

Some of my favorite authors are David Brin, Orson Scott Card, Alan Dean Foster, Steven Gould, Douglas Adams, Piers Anthony, Greg Bear, Stephen Baxter, Andre Norton, Ben Bova, Ray Bradbury, and Tom Clancy. (Yeah, a crazy mix!)

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