Alaska or Bust by Erma Odrach

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Book Description:

51iHREzLGUL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Alaska or Bust and Other Stories takes the reader on a sub-arctic journey, where the landscape is not only larger-than-life but where people live life on the edge – Giorgio, an Italian tourist cycling up the Alaska Highway, gets mauled by a bear; Chuck, a street-wise city dog, becomes lost in the wilds of Alaska; a vaudeville performer in Dawson City amuses her audiences with her unbelievably big nose. Some of the stories are real, some of them are only partly real. With a wide spectrum of humorous and serious themes, Alaska or Bust puts you in the heart of a vast unspoiled, wilderness; it puts you in the heart of the Last Frontier.

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“Alaska or Bust is filled with stories that are funny and serious”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amazon Customer

Alaska or Bust is filled with stories that are funny and serious, and some are offbeat. Each reads like a little novel, where there are very well-drawn characters, all living in a land where the climate is harsh and unforgiving. The stories are written in a style that is unadorned and, though some are serious, where there is humor, it becomes infectious. Particularly funny is “Luke’s Libido”, where Luke, a salesman at Nordstrom’s, creates havoc in Fairbanks with his high-running libido – the premise and outcome are so unexpected. I also liked how the author incorporates the history of the region such as in “The Carcross Parrot” and the “Really Big Nose”, highlighting the Klondike gold rush of 1898; in the case of the ‘nose’ story, humor and history prove an interesting mix. And then there’s the story of Chuck, the city mongrel, who visits Haines on the fourth of July and gets lost in the wilds of Alaska. The question arises: will he survive? Though the stories are all linked, they are also quite varied with surprize endings. Each story more than held my attention and I look forward to other works by this author. Not only am I left wanting more but it makes me want to visit.

About the Author

I am an author/translator living in Canada. Alaska or Bust and Other Stories is about the far north – the history, the land, and the people. Many of the stories, though fiction, are based on actual events of when I lived there.

Alaska or Bust by Erma Odrach

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