They say love is blind.

They’re right.


It’s been two long years since Maddox Paul walked out of the office and out of Cassidy Moore’s life. Since then she’s been languishing under a boss from hell and untangling herself from an unrequited crush on her old boss.

But now he’s back, and so are all the old feelings and insecurities she thought she’d let go of. It doesn’t help that Maddox is utterly clueless and confusing things by crossing boundaries he doesn’t even know exist.

How does girl move on when the only one she can think about is right there all the time?

Maddox isn’t as oblivious to how Cass feels about him as she thinks, but he knows she’s good at compartmentalizing those feelings. From day one, they’d had a special connection, and he doesn’t know what he would’ve done without her all these years.

It’s more than a work relationship. She’s his rock. He loves her, just not in that way…

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“Loved this book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Fvalen

I had never read anything from this author. I have to say that I loved this story and can’t wait for another book from her.

About the Author

After years of reading other people’s version of romance, Fallon O’Donahue decided to tell her own love stories. She lives near the beach with a family made up of furbabies, dreaming of all the different ways people fall in love. If you can’t find her, she’s probably holed up in her house alternating between reading and writing.

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