The misinterpreted scriptures in the Torah (Old Testament) and the New Testament, caused the followers of Jesus to become an imperialistic war machine. Its followers believed that they were directed by G-d. Their fifteenth-century leader, Pope Nicolas V, commanded all of the Christian nations of Europe to conquer the Indigenous Peoples all over the known world. They were to invade and subdue them, reduce them to eternal slavery, and steal their possessions and land. They invaded the countries of non-Christians, took possession of their resources, annihilated the inhabitants, as well as enslaved and exploited the innocent. “All in the name of Jesus” explains a small part of what took place in developing this strange phenomenon, which developed into Christian European privilege, destroying millions of innocent human lives.
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Yerachmiel Ben-Avraham, an Orthodox Jew, was born in Wurzburg, Germany. He was brought to the United States as a child. He was a pianist and an artist, performing in many venues, when he was a young man. An educator for many years, Yerachmiel gives lectures on truth, principles and being of assistance to others. He holds Shabbat services in his home and serves as a spiritual leader to a small group of Jewish participants in Barstow, CA. His love for history and sociology was one of the motivating factors in writing this book.

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