All Things In The Shadows by B.D. Messick

The Shadows Hide Many Secrets…

Seventeen-year-old Eve’s world is about to come crashing down.

When the mysterious Kateri enters her life, Eve is introduced to the hidden realm of the Shayds; an army of warriors who protect the world of light from the forces of evil.

With Kateri’s help, Eve will discover how much of a difference one person can make and that there are more things in the shadows than we know, but this knowledge will come at a terrible price.
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“An amazing novel”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Kalli

I loved this book. Such a fresh, new idea. Those shadows out of thecorner of your eye, the whispers you hear but you’re unsure of, those could be Shayds and you just never know! Eve and Kateri are two of my favorite characters. Kateri has a spunky attitude that I really like. The story itself just really pops and pulls you to the edge of your seat. You’re gonna be clamoring for more!

About the Author

Author of the YA series Sojourn, including The Wildlands, The Deadlands, the Beastlands and the finale, Enclave.

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