51FnDArBh1L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_All We Really Need Is Love ponders the questions: How is love found, how love is kept, How love is lost, and How love is found again. In this book you will read stories from people in all walks of life in all different types of relationships – straight, LGBTQ, interracial, long distance, and more. Listen as a teenager shares the excitement of a first love, the nervousness of a long time boyfriend proposing to his girlfriend, a determined woman traveling thousands of miles to be with that special someone, and when a young man realizes he met his soul mate. Love is not all roses though, as the book explores why relationships break apart with stories of betrayal, divorce, and heartache. All We Really Need Is Love offers an honest look into relationships and how people feel about love.

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“LeRon Barton delivers in a big way with ALL WE REALLY NEED IS LOVE”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Cyrus Webb

Does real love exist?

It’s a great question, and if you base it on what we see on television soap operas and even so-called reality television you might just wonder. The funny thing is that no relationship is perfect, but what author LeRon Barton has done in his new book ALL WE REALLY NEED IS LOVE is show that it’s not about being perfect. What we really need to be is the best of ourselves.

I loved his first book STRAIGHT DOPE, and was curious as to how he would do with follow-up. As he himself acknowledges in the beginning of the new book this is a definitely departure, but it is still brought to you with heart, soul and feeling.

Great book that allows you to hear from real individuals about the challenges that can come from letting someone in. It might not be the best experience every time, but I think if we are truly honest with ourselves even the most challenging of relationships can teach us about life and even ourselves.

Love the way the people were able to tell their stories, the good and the bad, and we as the reader are able to nod in agreement, shake our head in disbelief and at the end of the book hope that we will be as fortunate to find someone who will really get to know us and love us as we want to be love.

Get ready for a real conversation piece with this one. LeRon Barton doesn’t disappoint.

About the Author

My name is LeRon L. Barton and I am a writer, photographer, and all around artist. I started Mainline Publishing to produce works that will captivate and get people talking. After tons of rejections letters and crazy advice from agent, I decided to take my destiny into my own hands and go indie, and Mainline Publishing was born. The idea behind the company was to showcase works that maybe considered too controversial for other  houses to take on. The first project, Straight Dope: A 36o degree look into American Drug Culture delves into why drugs are so prevalent in America. With this edgy project, Straight Dope sets the precedent for other works to follow.

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