Just before the outbreak of World War II, Fabienne, a young German girl flees her abusive, widowed father and takes a job, caring for disabled children in a home on the outskirts of Berlin. When Jurgen, a young soldier, turns up on the doorstep of the home, asking if he can take Fabienne to the local dance, the women running the organisation agree, against their better judgement. Soon the young couple are in love.

With the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party, comes persecution of anyone seen to be “inferior to the German master race”. This includes children with disabilities and Fabienne and the women flee the Nazi wrath, taking the vulnerable children with them on an epic journey across Germany. Some will survive the Nazi punishments, others will not. But in the background is her relationship with Jurgen. Will he stay loyal or betray her to his masters in the Nazi party?

When she hears that her father is in jail, awaiting the death penalty for murder, she is forced to come out of hiding to visit him and make her peace. The risk is enormous, but in doing so, Fabienne learns some extraordinary news, which changes the course of her life.
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“Great story”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Ryank

Recently read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it . It may be a short read but it’s gripping from start to finish . It covers an area that is not mentioned very often . The disappearance of the thousands of disabled children who didn’t fit into society in that era . Lots of twist and suspense, shocks throughout the book that kept me from putting it down .
Great read ,I hope the author returns with another follow up as there could be plenty of avenues he could take . Don’t just take it from me, have a read and enjoy the story of Fabienne and her journey throughout the dark times in Germany.

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