The Enchanted Realm is divided into two groups- Heroes vs. Villains.

For centuries the Heroes have kept the Enchanted Realm safe, but when an evil curse is cast against them, their world quickly falls apart. Kings and Queens overthrown, Heroes and innocent villagers murdered. There was nothing the Heroes could do to save their world from total destruction.

Until they stumbled across her.

Twenty-year-old Queen Tisiphone is a mermaid born with superhuman abilities, but she’d trade it all in for a life beyond the seas. But when a man by the name of the Dark Knight murders her father, bombs her Kingdom, and leaves her for dead, her priorities change. With her malicious personality and deadly, but unique powers, Tisiphone is humanity’s last hope at regaining control of the Enchanted Realm.

But how does one fight in a war they are destined to lose?
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About the Author

Growing up in a such a small town, Aubrey took it upon herself to create new worlds she never thought she’d see, and that’s how she came up with the idea for her first novel.
In her twenty-three years of living, she has finished four screenplays, two manuscripts, two poetry books, and over twenty short stories, (Most created for middle and high school.)
Born with a mix of African, Caucasian, and Native-American, Aubrey loves to write about characters of different races and backgrounds, including the LGBT community. She loves exploring new cultures and enjoy putting what she’s learned into her work.

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