sdfdsfdfdadAs the hot, oppressive Texas heat takes the breath from her lungs, Addie Brown stands at her grandfather’s grave. Deep within her, she senses her anchor to family is gone. She looks across the freshly dug chasm at three of her four cousins. Nothing more than smiling faces on Christmas cards and vacation photos, she remembers once when they were close but something happened.

Snapping her back to reality, the minister reads, To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. She wonders when will be my time? But Addie has bargained with God and lost and she feels she can never share her secret with anyone. But through an unusual turn of events, she realizes there is a truth and meaning to the passage from Ecclesiastes that begins to drive her life.

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“Secrets, Mystery, Adventure, and Lost Gold”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Adventure Reader

A scattered family reunites while discovering old family secrets and embarking on a treasure hunt for lost gold. Unfolding alongside the mysterious search is a touching romance and the heroine’s journey of spiritual healing. This novel had a nice balance of adventure, romance, rediscovering the important things in life (family), and coming to terms with internal struggles standing in the way of finding true happiness.

About the Author

Victoria Pitts Caine resides in Fresno, California. Her first passion is her family,followed closely by writing and exotic gem collecting.

Always being the storyteller ten years as a genealogist provided the experience for the background details for her first novel, Alvarado Gold.

Victoria is also an award winning author who has published both fiction and nonfiction articles in Seekers, Short Stuff, HI Families, The Front Porch and The Manzanita Literary Journal. Additionally, an honorable mention at the William Saroyan Writer’s Conference, special recommendation in the Writer’s Journal poetry contest and second place in the Writer’s Journal 2004 romance contest. A mini romance was published by True Story in their Sweet, Sweet Mini Romance section.

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