Always Emilie

by – Alyson Root (Author)

Charlie Baxter has it all.

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Book Description:

Charlie Baxter has it all. A beautiful house, successful company and a set of tattoos that light women on fire at the mere sight of them. Not to mention, she’s tall and gorgeous! Life is good… Well, that is until her old music teacher calls insisting she return to her old school to take part in their annual charity ball. Charlie left Pickerton Academy behind twenty years ago. She also left behind the heartache caused by the only girl she ever loved.
Emilie Martin is an international superstar. She’s had fame and fortune for the past two decades, but what she really wants now is a break. Maybe a couple of weeks in the English countryside and a visit to her old school is just what she needs. Sounds perfect, and it would be if it weren’t for the fact it meant seeing the one person Emilie has pined over for twenty years. The girl that got away. No, the girl Emilie threw away.
With both women on a collision course with their past, can they put all the hurt behind them and start again? Can they keep their hands off each other long enough to really figure out what they want?

Reviews for the Book

Where to begin. First, it is so difficult to write a series of books building off of original characters. Many try and can never truly reignite the spark from a first successful foray. Even more daunting is the feat to make secondary characters go to primary ones. In full transparency, I read the books out of order beginning with the second one Diving Into her and loved it some much (Kim is a total rock star) that I read the first and to be honest. I liked the second book even better. That is because the author grew exponentially with every book. Her level of character development is to be lauded. Ms. Root is no lazy writer. She has mastered nuance as a primary vehicle to drive a plot line forward. A major plus is she takes the spice up a notch (unbelievably so) in each book. She seamlessly and meaningfully weaves the title into the book while giving that title purpose. The humor in each book is absolutely infectious. Now, here is where the brilliance lies; we meet Charlie in the first book and although I liked her quite a bit, I had no sense that she would end up being my favorite MC of the series! Always Emilie is a masterpiece of suspense, drama, lust, and badassery (yes I made that word up) that delivers as a series closer; if indeed it is. Now let me tell you what put it over the top with the seamless use of the strap without projection of how the characters leaned. The upending of tropes and stereotypes to create a deliciously spicy and jaw dropping love scene is what separates this book from others. That and it is extremely well written. I can’t say enough about how meaningful it is that authors like Ms. Root continue to pour their talent and artistry into this genre. It can get difficult finding quality writing here, but gems like these keep me coming back time and again. Read all three, read them in order or out of order however you want and guaranteed you will not be disappointed! - JeanQueen

About the Author: Alyson Root

Alyson was born and raised in the heart of England. She moved to Paris in 2015 when she met her wife. Together they moved to the west of France where they now live with their two dogs and pet bird. Alyson spends her time running a small campsite and holiday home. During her off time, she loves to read lesbian romance books, write and Scuba Dive. Alyson drew from past experiences and her relationship with her wife to write “A Dance Towards Forever” her first novel.

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