Is It Always A Love Story? by David Stone

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Book Description:

31AKNI2MD5L._UX250_On the day I came home from the war — a phrase still tossed around like iceberg lettuce in the cultural salad, in spite of its saturation — the shock was not unexpected. Both the country that sent me and a million others into battle across the Pacific and the warrior lucky enough to live through it had changed clothes. I’d been at least as dizzied when I tumbled head-last into boot camp and, again, when I struggled to get my bearings on the ground in Southeast Asia. This was 1970, a new decade in a country rubbed so raw by the last one you couldn’t drag it in front of a mirror and expect to see the same image twice. What once was bright and sure scrambled into confused and angry…

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About the Author

Originally from Binghamton, New York, David Stone is a New York City based writer of novels, nonfiction books, online content on several platforms as well as a hard copy journalist and reviewer.

He is the author of the Travels With George series of cat adventure and travel books that are illustrated by his wife, cat artist Deborah Julian.

“My novels spring from a backdrop of the revolutionary Sixties, when the sleepy Post War American conformity and contentment was blown apart from more angles than you can count – civil rights, Vietnam, modern art, beats, hippies and the counterculture. My main character, Peter McCarthy, had his most formative experiences in the Sixties. But then, the energetic decade fell into the disillusion of the Seventies. Peter navigates his way through and beyond.”


“I don’t know how to explain my nonfiction books. I never expected to write one, let alone two, but there they were. I had to type them out and put them between covers. These were two of the most surprising, exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had.

The Cat Books

“I’m lucky to be married to an artist who loves travel and cats as much as I do. I managed to recruit her to make my stories of George and Billy’s travels come alive in full color (often funny) illustrations.”

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