31v4McnJWcL._UX250_Or, Diary of a rescue dog. Follow Harry on his journey from being a lost stray to part of a loving family!

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“The Amazing Adventures Of Harry Spotter”

This book is truly amazing. The story of Harry Spotter has a sad beginning but it is reality of many dogs due to dog over population. I ordered the Kindle version and I got totally got caught up in the story; so much that I didn’t want to put the book down. Harry is just one average dog who found himself homeless and was very lucky to be rescued and have his life totally changed. The book will take you on his journey from Georgia to New Jersey. There are up and downs in his journey. I don’t want to give away the story but I encourage everyone to order this book and follow Harry’s amazing journey. The book is only 54 pages and I feel teens or possibly younger as well as adults will enjoy this book. If you have a rescue dog or worked with dog rescue you will truly appreciate it. But you don’t have to have a dog to appreciate this story. The story will hold your interest and you will not want to put it down until you reach the end.

About the Author

After decades as a medical secretary and raising a child with autism, I went back to college and earned my degree in order to validate myself as a writer. My first book, a memoir titled “Astoria Story,” was a learning experience and still, to this day, feels like I have ripped my heart out and offered it up for someone, anyone, to stomp on.

At the suggestion of a fellow classmate, I tried my hand at children’s books when I became inspired by the adoption of my rescued dog, Harry Spotter. My hope was to help raise money for the rescue group that found and fostered him, Almost Home Dog Rescue of New Jersey.

The “child” I raised is a grown up woman now, earning a PhD in neuroscience. Luckily, she still enjoys dabbling in artwork and has done some delightful and original illustrations for “The Amazing Canine Adventures of Harry Spotter” and for “KittenCat.” Currently, I am working on a sequel to “Harry” which will include more of her wonderful illustrations

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