Michelle Tanner, a fiery red head who wants more out of life heads west into a new frontier. After a chance encounter with the lawman and living legend, Joseph Nathan Meeker, friendship blooms and he becomes her mentor. His words to her could make her continue, or turn back to her father in the east. “You got it all Missy. For better or worse, you got it all. You may become a legend or you could be a corpse. I don’t want to be sending no letter to your Pa explaining how you were killed.” Michelle realizes life in the west may be a whole lot more difficult than she had ever imagined, but resolves to set her focus on the life ahead of her.

The old west comes alive in this first in the eight part series of short stories by author Ron Lewis. An Oklahoma native, his stories come from a lifelong interest in historical western stories, passed down from his grandfather. The series follows the trail of a rough and ready, none too feminine, western woman with flaming red hair and a temper to match. With the lawman and Deputy Marshall Nathan Meeker dishing out frontier justice at every turn, the two embark on a journey that will change the course of both their lives in the American west.
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“Awesome Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Wolfman390

I enjoyed this book right from the start and it only got better as I read it! Awesome job of writing! Can’t wait to read the other book in the series along with others by this author!

About the Author

Ron Lewis has had a life long interest and love of both history and westerns. Blending fact and fiction together, mixing real characters and those created from whole cloth, his stories are his views of the old west of the 19th century.

Mr. Lewis’s roots in Oklahoma reach back to the 19th century when is his great-grandfather John moved though the Indian territories, and eventually Oklahoma territory yearly. He operated a traveling musical group who sold a panacea concoction most often called “Snake Oil.”

Eventually his grandfather, John Henry, settled in the Winding Stair Mountains of eastern Oklahoma, very near to Robbers Cave. John Henry worked for a mining company as an elevator operator. His grandfather was well known and all who knew him knew his credo in life. “I don’t want to be higher than picking corn or lower than digging potatoes.”

Hearing stories from his father, uncles and grandfather about life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries kindled a love for those bygone days. Many of these stories are the basis for his writing.

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