Learn the foundations of our Nation. All ages will enjoy this book from the 5th grade up through adult years. It is a handy resource for first time learning, review or reference. The book focuses on the early years of America but there is so much more historical information, facts and trivia included. There is an easy to follow chronology describing Colonial times and the Revolutionary War era, leading up to the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. You will have your own copy of these historical documents. Also included is information about the Presidents, First Ladies, the Original Thirteen Colonies, Three Branches of Government, the Fifty States, National Symbols, Electoral College and more. The U.S. Citizenship Test of 100 questions is newly included, and is excellent for civics studies as well an an aid to citizenship studies. There is a special note on the National Parks…their history and how they preserve our American heritage. There are many sites of historic importance and natural beauty preserved for our benefit. There are lists of the National Parks related to Colonial and Revolutionary War times, Sites of Remembrance (for our Veterans), and of our most cherished National Parks. There are over 50 pages of historical sketches and images. Book size is 8.5″ x 11″ There is so much more in this Second Edition. Everyone should have a copy!
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“I love this book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By barbara

I love this book. It’s full of information in friendly, fun format. The references validate the information and the organization is so sensible. The Citizenship test is an added pleasure, kind of a trivial learning game. I like this book so much, already gifted it and plan to continue gifting it as occasions allow. Want to learn the foundations of our nation? This book provides so much information you won’t be sorry.\

About the Author

Mary B. Mackley
recalls her awareness of civics engagement while participating in patriotic parades as a Girl Scout, and
working on a project about the Bill of Rights in grade school.  She took AP History classes through St. John’s University in NY.  Later, she presented guided tours and interpretive programs at the Carl Sandburg Home NHS,  during and after completing her B.S. Biology.  She then obtained her B.S.Nursing and has worked as a nurse for 30 years.  She has especially enjoyed the opportunities presented to teach and educate her patients. Yet, her continued passion and interest in American History, Natural and Historic Places continued throughout her Nursing career.  She collected old history books. Eventually, she wanted to write this book to provide a teaching tool and a review of Civics and American History for children and adults; make a contribution to Civics Education.  She wanted to present a concise and nonpartisan book – a wealth of information in one place. The book is an excellent resource if you’re learning for the first time or just need to review the facts.   Mary B. hopes that perhaps in learning and reviewing our history, you may also be inspired to visit, see, take trips and experience parts of history that are preserved in all our Historic Places and  Parks.

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