An alien’s biography life on earth

by Reyaansh joshi (Author)

Stranded on Mars, an alien must blend in, repair their ship, and choose between Earthly belonging or cosmic defiance.

Book Description:​

As the alien embarks on this interstellar odyssey, disaster strikes when an asteroid collides with their spacecraft, forcing a crash landing on the unforgiving terrain of Mars. With determination in their heart, the alien assesses the surroundings, glimpsing the distant blue jewel of Earth. A decision is made: they must traverse the cosmos to reach their ultimate destination.
Arriving on Earth, the alien faces a daunting challenge – transforming into a human and blending into the human world for several years while repairing the damaged UFO. With only two options for escape, the clock ticks relentlessly. Will they mend their craft and return home, or dare to hold onto the fragile hope that their parents can locate them, despite the odds?

About the Author

Reyaansh joshi (Author)

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An amazing book to light en up your mood .The book takes us to our school time. Its like the books we use to read in school like fabulous four , famous five .....full of adventures, this book is a smarter version of them. You will really have fun reading it. Its really surprising that the author has this imagination skills and hold on writing at this age. A must read book for all age group.