Bravery, Bullies, and Blowhards: Lessons Learned in a Montana Classroom

bravBravery, Bullies & Blowhards: Lesson Learned in a Montana Classroom, contains detailed accounts of the author’s experiences after a mentally unstable stranger followed her to her classroom. It clearly illustrates the dysfunctional atmosphere in one Montana school district. But, in reality, it could probably be any school district in any state of the union. Every school has its secrets. Every school has its malcontents.

In order to write this book, she  had to take a long journey in search of understanding. Why did the administration react the way they did? What were the underlying problems that led to their strange behavior? What was it about her background and personality that led her to react as she did?

From the beginning to the end of her journey she realized that school safety was paramount. And that parents, teachers and taxpayers needed to be more aware of the pervasive atmospheres found in many schools –environments in which petty tyrants often rule.  In the past decade school and workplace bullying has become big business. Something that was virtually unknown when the author started her journey.

For the people that have fought the fight for decades the consequences have been costly. Aware that there is still a need for better understanding the author attempts to tell her story. It is her hope that her story will provide a greater understanding of school/workplace bullying and harassment as well as help change the climate and leadership in our schools and workplaces.

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Names were changed to protect the most innocent of all—the schoolchildren who were affected by the misdeeds of those who were supposed to protect and educate them.  One woman chose to question those in authority.  And they did everything in their power to bring her down.

This is more than a story of one woman’s struggle with the system.  It’s a warning to parents and teachers alike.  This could happen in your town.  It could happen to you.

“Mrs. Stremcha’s  story is an amazing story of courage. It’s well worth reading.” ~Steven Hunt Senior Producer, SDC Video Productions, Ottawa, Canada

“Stremcha’s book paints a clear picture of workplace bullying schools.” ~ Drew Mitchell,   The Examiner

….The emotions and turmoil show what is needed to bring changes to schools everywhere. Lorna is an exceptional teacher and author. This book left me in tears.”~ Monica Thomas-Founder P.A.S.S. (Parents Advocating for Safe Schools) Parents Advocating for Safe Schools PA Co-Director Bully Police USA

… You will be moved at your core to either weep or while wiping your tears, get involved in the movement against the tragedy.”  ~ Dr. Gail Hayes, Anti-Bullying Consultant & CEO, The Handle Your Business Girl Empowerment Zone

…A great story and a must read written by a very courageous woman.” ~ Paul Miner, B.A. Business; Certified Peer Specialist (Georgia); Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP); Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT); Adjunct Instructor.

Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight


51rhJ27RurL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Are you carrying a heavy load?

Baggage: We all have it. From the time we take our first steps, our experiences, our families, our friends and acquaintances all help to determine the paths we take and the person we become. As we pack our virtual suitcase, we sometimes fold in some heavy burdens. If the load is getting heavy, it is time to open up the suitcase and see what’s in there. Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight, is a book about using your life and your experiences to create positive change.

Whether you are struggling with a difficult time in your life, a weight problem or an addiction, this is the book for you. The exercises and information provided will help you make positive changes in your life. Changes that will last a lifetime.

“Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight: a woman-to woman recipe for life is not only a tool to help you look and become healthier and happier; it is one courageous woman’s journey from the ‘outside in!’ Poignant and powerful!”
—Joan Bryden, host of the syndicated show “Turn of the Page”

“Everyone will benefit from reading Lorna’s book.”
—Connie Barrick, Local Sales Manager KSVI/KHM

“It is a treasured gift of wisdom.”
—Nancy Mills, Founder/Creator The Spirited Woman

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” An inspirational and interactive read.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By ry

Lorna’s “Lose the Weight, Lose the Baggage” is unlike any other book I have read. Instead of just giving readers the tools to work through issues, she asks you to work for it as you read. There is space in each chapter that she asks you to write reflections or answers to questions. I believe this is so much more effective than most books. Her P.I.E.S.(physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual) philosophy focuses on you as a whole, knowing that if one part of this is being neglected, you will suffer. This philosophy is attainable if you just take the time to make yourself worth the effort. Lorna is an inspiration and shares many personal trials and triumphs that are motivating to someone needing hope. If you are a woman who struggles with your self-worth, use this book as an opportunity to live the life you deserve.

About the Author

Author Bio & Photo: Lorna Stremcha is the author of, Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight…a woman-to-woman recipe for life, Lose the Baggage, Lose the Weight a woman-to-woman recipe for life Revised Edition and Bravery, Bullies and Blowhards: Lessons Learned in a Montana Classroom, an award-winning educator and coach, an advocate against school and workplace bullying, a listed speaker for Bullying Police USA and one of the first thirteen individuals to co-author the healthy work place bullying act in the United States. Today, Lorna shares her life lessons with others in hopes of helping them live a healthier life after bullying and sexual harassment. She is currently working with young adults she taught. After all mentoring is the name of the game. Plan! Love! Live!

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